Puppy Yoga: A New Way Of Remaining Fit

Puppy Yoga

In the last 20 years, yoga has become a global part of the exercise. It is an old practice famous for making the health of a person better. There are many famous ways and methods of doing yoga – but not more than Puppy Yoga. 

It is a form of yoga where a person can come with his or her pat and do yoga. It can be done at home; however, the very practice is famous in a group: like 50 humans with a puppy each. For those who do love dogs and want to be with them while doing yoga, this very format is there for them. 

Puppy Yoga: Does It Help dogs? 

Well, most people do take their small puppies and breeds who are not huge to these yoga centres. Hence, it does them to become social and less aggressive as they grew up in front of many humans and puppies. 

Also, the large space helps them to walk even more and feel great mentally. Dogs do love to have regular walks as it does make them feel free and happy. Hence, they do love to spend time outside their homes which is indeed crucial from the mental perspective. However, puppies do not the real yoga – but playing with a human does help them very well. 

Puppy Yoga: A medicine for mental health 

There are many ways to tackle mental health – and puppy yoga is one such way. It does help humans to meet puppies. Some yoga centres do have their own puppies who do join their customers during sessions. For like 30 minutes to an hour, it does help them to be focused despite puppies can be a distraction. However, along with playing, there is a lot of time to do yoga and feel happy. For newcomers, who do indeed find it hard to stay connected while doing yoga, this can be a great way to start. If a person is living alone, then this can be a great chance to feel connected. 

Puppy Yoga
A picture of defining Puppy Yoga

CityLine, which is a famous news platform in Canada, did a whole video on puppy yoga in May 2019, where they do show how it is getting famous and helping people to break mental health-related problems. 

Over 16k people have watched the video on YouTube, which does tell how famous this form is becoming. Mostly, humans in the United Kingdom are obsessed with it, followed by the United States, Canada, Germany and other nations. 

Puppy Yoga: Benefits

  • Puppy Yoga can help in solving many mental health issues.  
  • It can be great for one to know the basic form of yoga before going for serious forms. 
  • It can make a person feel great along with others. 
  • This very factor can help one become a better team player. 
  • It can help a person to know the behaviour of puppies well. 
  • Out of 7 days, one day of making the body feel better with puppies can be a good idea. 
  • It is another way for humans to get social when this world becomes work from home. 

Are there any negatives?  

Spending six hours in a puppy yoga centre would not be a great idea. Else, it does not have major negative points. If one is not comfortable with dogs, then it can be a major part of the concern.  

Future and Growth 

In European and North American nations, puppy yoga is becoming is seeing growth every year. Where some nations of Asia are also following this trend very well.

Puppy Yoga
Benefits of Puppy Yoga

However, it is not the cup of tea for many as there are millions of people who are still away from doing these great health-related practices. 

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