5 Biohacks That Produce Results

Biohacking is a body-hacking technique in which you make lifestyle changes to optimize your body functionality. Sounds fancy? For example, you can leave the party early and tell your friends you’re going to biohack your brain. In simple terms, this means to go for a sound sleep. It entails chemical and physiological changes to your body so you can lead a life full of vigor and vitality.

The next question that may pop up in your mind is how to do biohacking. Biohacking can be simple as well as complex, depending on what works for your body. Let us explore the five biohacks that can produce results for your well-being.

Spend time with nature  

Busy lives, tall buildings, and crowded stations are signs of a modern lifestyle that drag us far from our natural habitat. A quick biohack you can add to your life is earthing or grounding. Leave the road, take the trails, take a break from crowded streets and polluted environments and escape in the natural landscape. This is particularly beneficial for people cooped up in hazardous environments that expose them to toxic minerals such as asbestos. These chemicals can cause rare and fatal cancers that develop in the mesothelium of organs and require mesothelioma doctors for treatment. So try to connect with nature as much as you can.

Start your day with jogging, walking, yoga, and exercise in parks or green environments. Walking barefoot on the grass or strolling on the beach are good ways to get your body grounded in nature. It helps the natural currents of earth pass through the body resulting in an improved sleep cycle, wound healing, and reduced inflammation, stress, and blood viscosity. Biohack experts also encourage people to spend more time outdoors and bask under the sun to get a dose of Vitamin D free of cost. 

Maintain a healthy sleep cycle 

Do you follow a diet plan without paying attention to your sleep cycle? Most of the time, when diet charts fail to achieve desirable results, our sleeping pattern has something to do with it.

A healthy sleep cycle of six to eight hours increases the chances of your long and healthy life and keeps your spirits high. On the flip side, lack of proper sleep easily drains your energy and puts you at high risk of developing health issues. These issues may range from hormonal imbalance, lack of focus, hunger pangs, and a weak immune system. If prolonged, you can also suffer from chronic diseases caused by sleep deprivation. You don’t want to die early, do you?

So get enough sleep. It’s a simple biohack that can help you keep your hormones under check. Avoid smartphones and other devices two hours before you sleep so your brain gets notified for a sound sleep. It’s the best biohack to rise and shine in the next morning with happy hormones. 

Opt for a diet that works for you

A proper and balanced diet plays a significant role in keeping your body healthy. However, what works for others may be disturbing for your body. Every human body functions differently at some level; for instance, take a case of food allergies. Some people have food allergies and cannot eat dairy, gluten products, soy, nuts, or wheat, while others can eat anything they like. Hence, an elimination diet is a perfect biohack for food lovers struggling with allergies. 

Giving up on fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes, and chocolates is not an easy task. But kicking out artificial and added sugars from your diet is the most rewarding biohack. Similarly, a carb-free or keto diet is a biohack that you can try to shed those extra pounds. Interestingly, the keto diet, originally used for epilepsy patients, can protect the body from brain and heart diseases. 

Time your meals

Making a change in the timing of your meal intake and scheduling can make a major change in your body. Sounds familiar? Intermittent fasting is becoming a fad to trigger weight loss and normalize insulin sensitivity. You can biohack your body with intermittent fasting, which offers many options.

In time-restricted eating, you can eat during a limited window and fast for the rest. The usual approach is 16/8 or 14/10, in which you can consume meals for eight or ten hours of the day. It is a more practical option to follow if you go to bed early and have breakfast late in the morning. 

Alternate day fasting allows you to reduce your calories up to 25 percent of your regular intake on fasting days. You can take meals with the usual calorie intake on non-fasting days. Depending on your routine and health goals, pick the type of intermittent fasting that works best for you. It regulates ghrelin and leptin, which control your meal intake by sending signals to the brain. 

Ingrain meditation  

Meditation, prayer, and brain-boosting exercises are excellent biohacks to get your mind clear, focused, and active. By adopting these practices, you can step on the journey of a healthy body and a positive mind. Meditation has tremendous benefits for overall health; it relieves stress, reduces pain, lowers inflammation, and elevates productivity levels. It is especially effective for people dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression, encouraging positive thinking and outlook towards life. 

With guided meditation, you can develop a habit of practicing meditation daily. If you feel a little down on some days and your brain struggles to maintain focus, count on digital apps such as Headspace and Calm and Balance. You can also make a habit of using brain-boosting apps to optimize your performance in the long run. You can choose the app that best fits your needs. A cherry on top; these apps are powerful enough to give you personalized training according to your capacity. 


Biohacking is an evolving approach to reaching the maximum potential of energy and resources of the human body without depleting the reservoir. Experts are exploring more cutting-edge biohacking techniques such as red light therapy, dynamic sequential compression, and inversion therapy. No matter what lifestyle change or latest technique you adopt, research and consult any professional. It is the only way to get the maximum benefits without going wrong. 

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