Beach Aesthetic: Step up your dressing game

Beach Aesthetic

Intro: Beach Aesthetic

Isn`t it just best to spend your vacation on a tropical island, sunbathing, drinking Pina Coladas, and riding a jet ski? This is a description of a dream holiday that everyone desires to go on. Don’t we just love the beach sunset, dinner date on the sand, or that calming noise of the Sea? Beach destinations are indeed a tourist hotspot because people just want to take a break from their boring mundane life and have some fun! Hence there is nothing better than being near water.  Beach Vacay is just splendid! People have fun, enjoy and dress at their absolute best, well, to of course flaunt their bikini bod (Beach Aesthetic).          

Beach aesthetic 101:

Hearing the word beach makes us visualize sun, sand, fun, colors, calm, and serenity all at the same time. Sea and sand invoke millions of feelings in us, for some, it could be calming, and peaceful while for some it may be fun, colorful, and festive. Amazingly, a place could have such contrasting vibes.

Beach aesthetics is also known as Tropical aesthetics and it is inspired by the island living, beach lifestyle, easy and casual. You will often see elements like sea waves, palm trees, coconuts, sand, flowers, ships, pineapples, umbrellas, and so on related to this theme (Beach Aesthetic).

Beach Aesthetic
Beach Aesthetic: Magic

Various color palettes describe the beach essence in the best way possible such as warm colors like shades of yellow, orange, and deep reds that symbolize the sunset. For the nature element, colors like greens and browns, cyan, and blues complement the sea. The good part is that you get to see different shades and hues of almost all the colors in this landscape. This aesthetic is for all, those who prefer simplicity and also for those who love to party.

Tips on tropical fashion:

It is obvious if you are going to a place like on an island such as Bora Bora, Bali, Hawaii, or to a beach like Goa, Maldives, Mauritius then you want to dress up your best. You need to keep in mind certain things before packing up for your ultimate tropical vacation so you don`t miss out on anything essential. First, your outfits should be breezy and effortless, do not choose heavy fabrics. You can try prints that scream beach aesthetics like leafy, floral, fruity, shells, waves, Hawaiian motif, etc.

Beachwear often complies with bohemian vibes, so it is wise to keep your style a little boho centric. Pastels will go great for the daytime look and dark tones for the night (P.S you can go for neons too if you want to go a tad bit wild). Crochet bralets, wraparounds, Kimono shrugs, sheer clothing are quite trending for summery fashion. To amp up your look try shell jewelry, anklets, and some fancy flip flops. If you want a luxury experience then check out the resort wear collection by several designers to look spectacular on your Vacay. While we have covered all the points, don`t forget to pack your bikini, sunglasses, and sunscreen if you don`t want to get a nasty sunburn (Beach Aesthetic).

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