Top 5 reasons behind deep downfall of Arsenal

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Arsenal are the 13-time English champions. Only Manchester United (20) and Liverpool (19) have more titles than the Gunners. It shows that this club does offer a touch of winning titles in England. However, things are looking too bad now. They do not compete in the Champions League and do not even win the Europa League. All these factors do indeed make the fans of Arsenal feel too angry. It just like they know before the start of the season that nothing can make the club the Premier League champions. Other than the FA Cup, no other major title is coming to their home. Hence, it has impacted the club from the core. What are the key reasons behind their downfall? Let’s take a look at the top five reasons behind Arsenal downfall. 

5 Arsenal: Greedy Owners 

When you see owners of Arsenal, Manchester United look a far better club. Indeed shows how hard it is for the fans of the Gunners to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In a way, it is a very sad situation. When Arsenal do look better, the league in England looks too interesting.  For more updates , visit:

4 Arsenal: Poor Planning

At least Manchester United do know how to earn huge sums. The 14-time FA Cup winners do have a global fanbase. Despite the very fact, they fail to make the club too profitable. Even they fail to host major entertainment events at their beautiful stadium despite it is London, England. 

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3 No Transfer Plans 

The Gunners want every player to take low wages and come for free. Well, it is impossible in football. However, the owners are not ready to sell the club or make it better. 

2 Taking money away 

The management of the club only looks to take massive sums away from the club. It has indeed impacted the growth of the club. 

1 Bad Treatment 

Players at Arsenal do not become superstars now. Hence, they are even failing to make quality players who can join other sides for huge sums. They were very good in it from 2000 to 2015 mostly.  

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