Top 5 reasons behind Manchester United downfall

Man United

Manchester United are the 20-time English top-flight winners. However, they have not won the Premier League title for the first time since 2013. At that time, nobody would have imagined that the Red Devils would Liverpool winning the PL before them. 

In a way, it shows that bad management at the upper level can make the club look too poor. Despite Man United have a huge following, they do not have that upper hand over local rivals Manchester City. The Sky Blues are flying at the moment and are indeed looking miles ahead of the red half of Manchester. What made Man United so venerable? Let’s take a look at the key reasons behind the downfall of Manchester United. 

5 Manchester United: Greed 

Glazer ownership of Man United has killed the club in style. They take all the money away from the club and do not invest the same to make them a loan-free side. The very reason shows how much do they love the club? Hence, not a single Man United fan likes Glazer ownership of Man United. 

4 Manchester United: Poor Management

Glazers do not have a background in football. Hence, they do not know how to plan things properly. Money is always on Man United’s side. Therefore, they do not worry much about outcomes on the field. 

3 Lack of Investment

In every summer transfer market, Man United take time to sign players. The very reason indeed does not give the manager a chance to make player ready for the season in August. Therefore, the Red Devils do look very venerable in different parts of the season. 

2 Ego 

Man United owners have an ego of seeing money over emotions. It does break the club from the core. 

1 Living in past

The way Red Devils are going. It can take them 10 years to match the class of Man City in terms of seeing a clear vision for the club and community.  

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