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cute nails

Stepping out of the nail salon with freshly painted nails can make you feel like a completely different person. Nothing beats a little pampering and a new manicure to make you feel like your best self. However, it can quickly become costly, especially if you opt for nail art.

Red Wavy: Cute Nails

Meade describes this look as “minimal effort but maximum design.” This abstract line design, similar to nail art, creates a simple yet alluring effect. Meade offers the following tips: Cure for 60 seconds after applying a thin base coat with a light polish. Draw random, freestyled swirl lines that vary in thickness with a fine detail brush and your preferred colour. Remember that art is subjective and not perfect.

Striped White: Cute Nails

Less is more in this case. The simplicity of these neutral nails with a thin white stripe down the middle is appealing to us. “For the base, apply one to two coats of any nude/neutral colour,” says Oung. ” Once dry, use a striping brush to create a vertical thin line in a nice white.

Red Statement: Cute Nails

What woman doesn’t adore a classic red manicure? The simple star accent on the ring finger elevates it to new heights.

Tips that Glow: Cute Nails

Make your bare nails stand out with a gold swipe at the tips.

Mismatch of Pastel Colors: Cute Nails

We adore a good pastel nail look, and having a variety of colour options is even better. For a polished nail art look that doesn’t require any tricky precision, mirror the colour order on each hand.

Striped Gold: Cute Nails

This nail design is almost too simple. It has stripes on top of half-painted nails, giving you ideas for how to make your mani last longer as it grows out.

Starry Particulars: Cute Nails

If you want to rock some nail art but don’t have the most steady of hands, we have a solution for you: nail stickers.

Gold and teal: Cute Nails

This chic design combines teal and metallic gold. Paint two coats of an opaque teal colour to recreate, suggests Oung.

Begin with a small metallic dot in the centre the base of the U of the moon and a dot on each side of where the moon will end the smile of the U.

Dots for a Party

You’ve probably seen polka-dot nails before, but this one adds a new dimension of whimsy. Choose a few colours to make a smattering of tiny dots all around bare nails—variation and overlap are all part of the fun.

Lines of Color

The coloured stripes make this neutral mani interesting and fun, while remaining simple enough for both execution and more conservative settings. Nail stripe stickers can help you achieve this look even faster.


Neon Graphic

The effect of this manicure far outweighs the time required to complete it. With this simple, chic look, no metallic or neon colour combination is off limits.

Yellow Canary

The contrast between the yellow base and blue dots makes this Paintbox look stand out. These dots are 3D, but a contrasting polish will also make a strong statement if you’re not looking for extra baubles.

Purple in Two Tone Purple on purple works perfectly here. For a polished, understated look, different shades of the same colour are always a good choice.

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