Da Milano Bags: A Critical Review, Information

Da Milano Bags

In India, the concept of making something great in fashion means finding the best name. Until and unless, one is not using the pro-Indian fabrics, the best thing a person can do is to find a pro-European name. It can be from French and Italian language mostly. One such brand is Da Milano; the brand is famous for making begs, shoes and other leather-led accessories. It is a brand owned by an Indian named Sahil Malik. However because of the name, many do feel that it is a brand from Milan made by a rich fashion designer in Italy in the 1980s or before. 

Why Florigen names work in India: Da Milano Bags?

Da Milano Bags are great. They do have the quality that makes them a luxury brand. 

Indeed, it is very hard in India to compete with foreign fashion brands as it takes a lot for an Indian brand as people do think that everything coming from other nations is good despite they make the products in Agra, India. Hence, the brands with Indian names selling pro-European products find it hard to make an impact. It is a strange way of looking. 

Da Milano Bags
Da Milano Bags: Creative

Hence, Indian owners go for a name like Da Milano as it does help the brand to sell products in a better manner. Also, once the Indian market learns about the quality, they do buy the products again. It indeed tells a different mental state people to have. 

Da Milano Bags: Quality 

Da Milano Bags are indeed worth buying. It does cost the same as Aldo. However, many of their bags have the quality to carry and make that statement. The quality of the products is always good. Hence, the brand has got many showrooms and a great place on the online platform. 

Also, Da Milano is using the brains of young Indian fashion designers who come from studying abroad or at home. They must be giving them the space to make something new. Hence, the product looks good most of the time. Having showrooms in premium India places do tell a lot about them. 

Da Milano Bags: Are they costly? 

Well, in the sale, it might not look too costly. Spending 9,000 INR on a bag is a huge thing in India as it takes a lot to earn Rs 9,000. Hence, the brand is not for everyone. 

It is for a certain section of society who might look for traditional brands ahead of them. Despite knowing this fact, they are going on very well. Hence, having a western name does work very well in India. It just lifts the brand to have people coming and buying products. 


Da Milano Bags are good and one can look to buy them as they offer than quality. Looking from the educational point of view, Indian buyers have to break this thing that any Italian or French name in fashion is good than the traditional one. It does show that nation is living its roots. It is not good or bad. It is just how things do look and sell. 

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