What Are the Most Common Faucet Issues Occurring in American Homes?

Faucets are among the most frequently used plumbing fixtures. People use them innumerable times every day for a wide variety of purposes. Despite being such crucial parts of any home, they seldom receive the care they deserve. Faucets get exposed to harsh chemicals and minerals in water and experience extreme temperature changes. These factors and poor human treatment leave them at high risk of damage. The section below features common faucet issues that homeowners must be careful about. They must contact a top company offering Overland Park plumbing services whenever they identify any such problems. 

Corrosion and Rust

When rust on faucets becomes visible, it’s already too late. Rust appears outside faucets only after attacking their inner walls. Indeed, rust typically doesn’t cause any health hazards. However, it stains clothing, sink walls, and any other items that get exposed to it.

Faucets tend to develop rust after years of use. But, in areas where the iron level of the water is high, the problem starts appearing much easier. If that happens, replacement is always the best option.

A qualified plumber can delay the replacement by doing rush removal using advanced techniques. However, that should be the second option for homeowners. They should opt for rust removal only if they want to stick with their old faucets for sentimental reasons.

Faucets may experience corrosion, even due to limescale. It’s a common problem in places with hard water and should be handled in the same way as rust.

Low Water Pressure

Faucets in bathrooms and kitchens often showcase this issue thanks to the sediments forming in their aerators. A plumber can solve the problem by removing the aerator and cleaning it well. If the aerator is extremely old and has too much debris stored in it, a replacement might be recommended.

A decrease in water pressure may also occur due to rust buildup in pipes. Such events are more common in older homes. Other than slowing water flow, those pipes can also give the water a metallic taste. Replacing the rusty old pipes with fresh ones is the only way to eliminate this problem.

Sticky Faucet Handles

Mineral deposits in the stems and valves of faucets can make their handles sticky. In other words, the faucet handles may become almost impossible to move. This problem can be solved only by a qualified Overland Park plumbing service provider.

The plumber will remove the faulty faucet, disassemble all its parts, and apply a mineral-removing solution. If the deposits are not too old, the solution will help to loosen them and enable easy removal. But, if those are old deposits, the plumber might need to replace the cartridge or valve stem.

Unusual Faucet Noise

Faucets that chatter, scream, or whistle are not in good shape. Those noises might indicate serious plumbing issues. However, the noises can also occur due to a loose washer. Whatever the case, getting the faulty faucet checked by a plumber should be the way to go.


All the top Overland Park plumbing companies offer their services at reasonable prices. So, homeowners should never avoid calling professionals to manage plumbing issues. Calling the plumber at the right time can help them save money by preventing bigger problems.

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