Tous Jewelry: Experience lujo with Class

Tous Jewelry

I know what you`re wondering, what is Tous? Well, if you haven`t already heard of it, this article is for you to be acquainted with this brand. Who doesn`t like to wear some jewelry and walk around in style, everybody wants to experience luxury in life. Tous gives you exactly that kind of feel through its fashion accessories and jewelry pieces. Tous is a Spanish luxury brand that has acclaimed recognition worldwide for its high-end jewelry, handbags, and perfumes, textile products. If you got them green bills, the best way to spend it is by buying some bling-bling for your skin.

About Tous Jewelry?

Tous is a Spanish brand that is a fashion retailer, jewelry manufacturer based in Catalonia, Spain. This store was initially a watch repairing store run by a married couple Salvador Tous Blavi and Teresa Ponsa Mas but slowly gained its recognition in the jewelry industry. Like most other brands, Tous is also segmented in different areas and its core is its jewelry business popularly known as Joyeria. Tous, S.A.

Tous Jewelry
Tous Jewelry: Class of best

This Business is presently run by Rosa Oriol, one of the daughters of the family. She along with her husband bought together their ideas, creativity, and passion to flourish the brand to the level it is in today. The brand has more than 400 stores standing in about 45 countries and some of which are big fashion hubs like Milan, New York, and Paris. Apart from designing and selling jewelry, the brand also sells perfumes, handbags, watches, small leather goods, and eyewear. Overall, it is a huge luxury experience to deck up yourselves and it takes care of your accessory needs.

Tous craft jewelry?

Tous is a major Jewelry industry and it is doing wonders in this area primarily apart from its other segments. They built a strong image in the market, collaborated with celebrities and designers like our Jenny from the block aka Jennifer Lopez, Manolo for its varied collection. We have bragged enough about how good this brand is, now let`s dive into the real deal. Tous offers rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, piercing mainly targeting women but they have got products for your man and your babies.

This brand has a special symbol that also acts as their brand`s mascot, it is a cute Teddy bear. Its jewelry pieces are creatively designed involving this mascot, these look super cute, personalized, chic, and unique. Some of its best-selling items are the vermeil teddy hoop earrings, Bear motif ring, two-tone oursin pendent, etc. our recommendations for you are to try these bear motif hoops, cute little bear pusher earrings, twisted ear cuff, gemstones rings, and Tamara Falco medal bracelet. Their products are indeed a style statement and extremely cute to own.

Quality check:

Tous is known for its immaculate quality accessories, they use sterling silver, metal coatings, pearls, gemstones, and many such authentic materials to craft its jewelry. They openly display the information of material they use in the jewelry you are intending to buy. Tous is known to create an excellent image and gather customer loyalty. If you want your look to scream jewelry then you entrust Tous.

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