Rosso Brunello Shoes: A Constructive Review

Rosso Brunello Shoes

The fashion industry had always been a hard place to make a profit as every designer wants to make his or her own brand. Hence, it does take a lot to make the best impact possible and be at the top of the table. In every nation, there is a wave of fashion. It does make people feel great and wear the best products possible. However, making a name is a hard game. One has to bring something new for making sure that things can be great with a plan that can do wonders. Rosso Brunello is one such brand as from their shoes to begs, things do sell in a greater manner. Let us take a look at what makes them special, especially their shoes. 

 Rosso Brunello Shoes: Why Indians Are Mad With Them? 

In India, there is a very strange mentality which is to see western brands as the best while others who try to bring the same quality with an India can see a massive impact. India is an English-led nation when it comes to making a picture in corporate. 

Even a brand like Mochi is good – but it is a local name. Hence, it might be hard for them to make an impact. SAHIL MALIK and SALIL MALIK are the leaders of this brand. They have a sister brand name, Da Milano. After making it a well-known fashion brand in India, they did lunch Rosso Brunello. 

The quality of their products is great. Hence, customers do go to their stores or buy the product online on a regular basis. It’s an affordable luxury brand. Hence, they do have good margins. The very factor does help them to make good quality products. Also, they have the traditional values of working with leather goods. It does also help them to make a brand look great. 

Rosso Brunello Shoes
Rosso Brunello Shoes: A review

In India, as the name leads the brand. One can tell their friends that the product is from Rosso Brunello, so it’s western and expensive. The quality of the product is the same. However, despite Google having every answer, people do think that it must be a Spanish, French or Italian brand of a fashion designer.   

In India, the value of show-off is great. Hence, most of the Indian brand owners have to come with Italian or pro-European names for selling the product. 

Rosso Brunello Shoes: Review 

Rosso Brunello Shoes are comfortable. On average, a shoe costs around 4,000 INR. It is indeed not a small amount in India. However, in the sale, one can get the best quality possible. Even spending full 4,000 is not a bad idea as the product is comfortable. 

At the end of the day, it is all about fashion and comfort and they do provide it at best, For feet, just like Norris Nuts Fashion, it can give the comfort a working-class professional wants. Hence, it does seem to be a good buy. Even the brand is making a good number online, so it does tell the growth they have. 


Rosso Brunello does make trendy shoes. However, even students of fashion also think that this is a foreign brand. It does help them to add new customers and then make them loyal with their quality. This is the trick that works in India. Otherwise, it takes a lot to shine in this market.    

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