Reasons To Invest in an Electric Piano Right Now

Pianos are instruments that produce sound or music when the hammers underneath the keys strike the metal strings, reeds, or tines. It, in turn, brings out vibrations that can either be loud or soft depending on how hard you press a key.

The same fundamental principle applies to an electric piano. However, an onboard computer now plays the sound as magnetic pickups convert mechanical signals into electrical signals. If you are a beginner or are thinking of getting a digital piano, here are some vital information and tips you need to know about:

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Both artists and beginners prefer digital pianos because they best replicate the acoustic or grand pianos. In addition, the electric sound they produce closely resembles the traditional tunes.

For Beginners

A digital piano is composed of weighted keys similar to a traditional acoustic one. These musical keys guarantee the same feel and experience as you play on them.

Types of Weighted Keyboards

There are three main types of keyboard actions with semi- and fully-weighted keys giving a hammer and graded hammer action. It is otherwise known as the thunk or emphasis on the key when you press it.

Therefore, it would be ideal to purchase an electric piano with a counterbalanced or hammer-effect installed keyboard. Furthermore, a beginner instrument should have 88 keys in them.

Thus, it would be best for beginners and children alike to get their lessons and experience from this specific type. They won’t be intimidated as they will eventually be required to switch to acoustic ones.

Furthermore, it ensures proper finger growth in both strength and versatility that would serve individuals well in the long run.

For Frugal Individuals

Being frugal doesn’t only pertain to money but also space. Electric pianos are advantageous in both cost and location compared to traditional ones.


Upright and grand pianos don’t come cheap. They are an investment and a wish for most. Fortunately, the dream of playing the piano is attainable with electric pianos.

Digital pianos are much more affordable than traditional ones. You don’t have to shed more money on the instrument alone than you can spend on piano lessons and accessories instead.


Furthermore, traditional pianos take up space that you may not have inside your condominium, pad, or apartment. So, finding a spot where you’ll put the instrument in your home can be a hassle.

It wouldn’t be easy to move the massive piano to a rented house or high-rise building. You will need to call for multiple individuals to carry the instrument.

Hiring a removalist might be an option, but it would not be ideal for the added cost.

The Maintenance

Electric pianos are investments to learn and improve your musical skills. Thus, it is imperative to take care of these instruments to ensure the longevity of life and use.


You shouldn’t constantly expose the piano to heat, water, and mechanical force. Thus, you should place it away and protect it from direct sunlight and heat-emitting devices.

It would also be best to place them away from foot traffic where people might bump and damage the exterior. In addition to keeping the corners pristine, this would also avoid accidental food and water spills.


It would be best to clean the electric piano with a clean, dry cloth. In addition, you must always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, especially in cleaning the instrument.


It comes as no surprise as to why most individuals prefer digital pianos. They are far easier to transport and maintain. Additionally, you can allocate your funds to other means of improving your craft.

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