Making Your Gifts More Memorable

Making personalized gifts is a popular choice for any occasion and holiday because it shows that you went out of your way to make something for the recipient. You can show how much you care for them by giving them a unique item that will stay in their hearts and minds, from a wall art of their favorite photo, a family picture, custom jewelry pieces, or a monogrammed household item.

If you’re not used to planning and making personalized items, you might find the task tedious, but that shouldn’t be the case. Below is a simple DIY guide that will help you make it easier.

Think About Their Personality

In shopping for personalized gifts, don’t think about the common concepts – women like heart-shaped items, men like ties, and more. If you need a customized gift, chances are you’re close with the recipient. Find the time to think about their preferences, sense of humor, funny quirks, or personality.

It’ll be your guide if you aren’t used to planning and buying a personalized gift. Don’t just limit yourself to the typical stereotypes. Your options are endless.

Find the Right Color Schemes

When planning out your custom gifts, one crucial factor that you should think about is how you’ll coordinate it and how the recipient will use it. For example, your recipient has an existing color scheme in the bedroom, and you’re buying a present that they can use in that same room.

You’ll have to make sure its colors coordinate with the existing ones so that it blends in nicely. You should only use contrasting colors for accents, such as monograms. If your chosen color is close to the existing color scheme, your recipient might find it hard to read the initials, name, message that you included.

Use Memorable Photographs

One of the common ideas is buying an everyday item and wrapping it with memorable photographs. It’s a fail-safe solution that allows you to provide your recipient with a practical gift that they can use daily, including a doormat, coffee mug, or wallet. You can use snippets from favorite trips, pictures of pets, or family portraits.

If you’re uploading the image, use a high-resolution version. High-resolution files might take time to upload, but it’s worthwhile. It’s also the best means of ensuring that your tailored gift is beautiful and clear.

Understand the Return Policy

Depending on the store’s guidelines, your personalized gifts will have different return policies than other items. Other stores will not offer return policies because they can’t sell personalized gifts. It’s best to read the return policy before ordering your gift and make sure that you understand the item you’re buying for your family or friend.

Make Your Plans Beforehand

Buying a personalized item means a few more days for the supplier or manufacturer to finish the final touches. You’ll have to make your plans beforehand if you want to ensure your gift arrives on time. You should also leave a wiggle room in case of wrong orders or factory damage. For example, you accidentally formatted the text over the edge.

You might have to call the store’s customer representative and ask them to fix it.

Think About the Giver’s Role

One of the first rules of making a personalized gift is thinking about the recipient, but others don’t think about the sender. Most personalized gifts can be different items from a colleague, child, spouse, or friend. You’ll also have to consider your role or the other people helping you customize the gift and incorporate it into whatever you’re making.

You can also add personalized messages that show your bond with the recipient over the years.

Use Memories for Inspiration

You can also use memories for inspiration. It can be something fancy like your first trip with your friend or a common interest from when you were younger. Bring life to the memories and recreate the experience for a more personalized experience. That gives you the chance to laugh about the past and look forward to the future together.

Make a Well-done Gift Basket

Making a well-done gift basket should showcase the combination of traditional gifts and an experience. You should include items they’ll enjoy and enable them to have a new experience. For example, your recipient likes music. You can’t burn a CD anymore. You might find vinyl tapes, but that will not fit the modern trends.

Instead, you can buy them a gift card, creating a digital music gift basket. Or, you can drop by the dollar store to look for wine glasses and a basket. Don’t forget to include a nice bottle of wine and other soothing items.

One of the most memorable presents you can make is personalized items that reflect how much you care about them. Items like embroidered briefcases and jackets are simple, functional gifts that they can use for years to come. If you still can’t decide which present to give them, try personalizing it to fit their personality.

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