How to Choose an Outdoor Table: A Comprehensive Guide

The sustainability train had many hopping on board. Indeed, why not embrace materials that can help the environment to heal. And one obvious way to embrace this call is to support the use of wood.

Timber has made a remarkable impact in house construction and even building renovations. So the best way to imbibe the green cause is by buying wooden furniture.

The Simple Science Behind Wood Use

This short narrative will show why infusing your home with wood is a great idea. Next, consider adding an outdoor table to start your garden or patio set up. It is functional and aligned with the green agenda.

So, if you’re looking for wood for outdoor usage, not all timber is the same. In particular, hardwoods are sought, such as teak, which grows slowly, and acacia or eucalyptus, which produce quickly and have firm wood grains and natural oils that make it more difficult for moisture to infiltrate and cause damage.

Wood has the potential to be an environmentally benign outdoor furniture material, collecting and storing carbon as it develops. However, it is critical to seek certified solutions that sustainably attest to the material collected. It ensures that the wood is from ethical sources, meaning it is commercially grown. In addition, this makes wood an ideal material since it regrows, and as it grows, it contributes to healthier air in the process.

Benefits of Timber Garden Set

Simple Upkeep

Many people believe that for wooden garden furniture to endure for an extended period, it must be painted, oiled, or even creosoted. However, the reality is that it depends on the kind of timber used.

Timber technology has also evolved to adapt to outdoor challenges like rain and snow. But perhaps a simple waterproof cover is the best defence to extend shelf life. Moreover, wood does not corrode like metal, change colour, or become brittle like plastic.


Style is at the top of the list because timber is difficult to match since it can even be customised while making a design statement in the garden. But more practical options are also available. In addition, it evokes a rustic appeal that seems effortlessly homey and cosy.


Many options are available based on the dimensions and vibe of your space. Meanwhile, an increased appreciation for outdoor space has tweaked garden sales positively. Consumers are no longer looking at traditional tables and chairs but more elaborate setups like a swing set or an outdoor sofa.

Using Renewable Materials

As a natural material, wood adds warmth to the overall design of garden space. It also blends well into the natural surroundings rather than standing out as a stark contrast to it. Meanwhile, you might question the sustainability of teak compared to other hardwoods. As you may know, teak is a slow-growing wood that produces enormous, mature trees that are difficult to replace by other trees. And it is now grown commercially specifically for furniture or construction use. As such, wood farming is a regulated industry, and certifications are required to make products fit for public use.

Most manufacturers disclose relevant information on their sourcing process. Consumers are smart enough to check if products are made ethically, and many conservation groups would be vocal about environmental obligations. And as an ordinary citizen, you can perform your green duties by incorporating timber made furnishings starting with the functional outdoor table and slowly building your garden set to resemble a little paradise in your home. Besides, who doesn’t like such a setup?

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