6 Examples of Why Small Businesses Need Outsourced IT Support

Information technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the world; especially in business. For smaller organisations, managing their IT the right way can be a huge help – which is why IT support is a crucial aspect of many businesses.

Modern business is very closely tied with information technology – with data being one of the most valuable resources an organisation can have, and the internet accelerating communications and extending the reach of businesses to new, bigger markets. Due to how important IT is for businesses, it is also important that it is managed the right way. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a provider of small business IT support London-based organisations have been using for years. With businesses outsourcing their IT management to companies like TechQuarters, we looked into why small businesses are opting for this type of service.

What Outsourced IT Support?

As businesses rely on various technologies to function – such as computers and mobile devices, networking equipment, etc. – they need to ensure it is always running consistently, and if they experience any technical difficulties, they are resolved quickly to minimize downtime. While many businesses keep these responsibilities in-house, more and more organisations are outsourcing this responsibility to professional IT Support Provider London businesses use like TechQuarters. In particular, small businesses are increasingly turning to this outsourcing approach, because of the value they can get from it. So, what exactly are some of the top reasons why small businesses need outsourced IT support?

  1. It helps them control costs

One of the reasons many small businesses struggle with their IT support is because they have a lack of resources they are able to spend on it. However, with outsourced IT support, the level of expertise you have access to is much greater for the money you spend. What is more, most outsourced IT support service packages are scalable, meaning businesses can ensure that they are always getting precisely what they pay for.

  • Data security

Security is a major issue for all businesses, but especially for small businesses. For example, an increasing percentage of reported cyber attacks each year involve small businesses – but, once again, many of these organisations feel that they don’t have the resources to protect their data properly. This can all change with the implementation of outsourced IT support, because providers like TechQuarters have the expertise to guide small businesses through the process of it all.

  • More IT knowledge

Another significant barrier for small businesses is accessing the knowledge and expertise that is necessary to optimize their IT management. Outsourced IT partners will have a wealth of experience – for example, TechQuarters have been providing IT support Croydon businesses have been using for more than 12 years. Small businesses can benefit from the years of experience that IT support providers have. Keeping IT support in-house would mean small businesses having to hire their own team of experienced engineers, and also pay for their training – however, with outsourcing, one can access all that IT knowledge for a fraction of the price.

  • Managing risk

A successful business will be very focused on managing the various risks that come with their operations. When it comes to technology, there are a few different risks that need attention. For example, cyber threats are a significant risk; any technical issues that a business experience will result in downtime and loss of income. These are just a few examples of IT-related risks. With a professional outsourced IT partner, businesses can mitigate these risks much more effectively.

  • Staying up-to-date

The technology industry is rapidly changing; this has always been the nature of it. With hardware on average falling out of date in just 3-5 years, and software constantly being updated and patched, it is important for businesses not to become lapse in the management of their technology. This is where outsourced IT support once again comes in, because they can help their clients keep on top of these types of regular maintenance. As well as this, IT partners often help their clients by recommending new solutions where necessary – so, in this respect, outsourced IT support helps small businesses stay up-to-date.

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