5 Facts that You Need to Know Breast Augmentation

There are many facts about the process of breast augmentation that people take for granted. Doctors who facilitate breast augmentation Sydney find many patients unaware of the facts and procedures involved in Breast Augmentation.

Here are some exciting facts about the concept of breast implants that you need to know if you’re planning for one in Australia. Read on!

1.    5th generation silicon implants can take up to 300 lbs of pressure

What would you need to break breast implants? – A general question among patients. Can it be a car accident on the roads of Sydney, a mammogram, contact sports, or maybe a wrong partner?

The answer is that if your breast implants are in great shape, the shell is in its perfect state, and the implant hasn’t aged a lot, your implants would rarely break.

The breast implants available in the market can withstand massive pressure before they rupture. They can stand 175 pounds for saline and about 300 pounds for silicone gel. These pressure ranges are way beyond a mammogram.

2.    Women with implants can breastfeed

Many Australian women believe that breast augmentation directly means that women cannot breastfeed post-surgery. Fortunately, they are wrong.

Many women who have gotten implants can nurse their babies as they like. They do not face any such issues.

Although, you think go consult your cosmetic surgeon if you will be breastfeeding after the surgery. They’ll let you know all the proper steps and tips.

3.    The popularity of breast augmentation has increased by 200% in the last 20 years

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries globally. Every year more and more patients opt for the process, irrespective of the altering trends for the perfect body shape.

The main reason is that these women do not choose to go for breast implants to look perfect but instead opt for personal reasons.

These personal reasons may include:

  • Balancing the upper and the lower body portions
  • Helping women feel more like themselves
  • Ensuring that the clothing fits them in the best way
  • Altering the significant symmetry of the body

4.    It is easy to hide a breast augmentation surgery

It is not a very hard task to hide breast implants most of the time. Only the ones who did your procedure would know that it happened.

If you are one of those people worried about what your coworkers or boss would think, when you return to the office job about 3 to 5 days after the surgery.

Once you return to the job, all you need is a stylish scarf, or you can go for a high neck blouse to reduce any extra attention towards your cleavage area.

5.    Breast implants look natural

If you go to a good clinic in Australia for breast augmentation Sydney , your implants will look completely natural. Most women want natural-looking implants which will enhance their figures without seeming artificial.

A well-informed cosmetic surgeon will aid you in choosing the implant type, implant size, and placement to ensure a natural final look.

Wrapping Up

These fascinating facts about breast augmentataion will be helpful to you in understanding the process and removing your reservations about getting breast implants done in Australia. If you have further doubts or questions, the best way to find your answers is meeting with a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

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