Wedding day is such an important day for a bride. They start planning the special day as soon as they get engaged to the love of their life! Important decisions like picking the right vendor, catering, and the wedding dress, are done with a time crunch. Jewellery like bridal bracelets is also essential to be on the shopping list. This bridal jewellery can make or break the entire look. Complementing the ensemble is important, especially on the big day. There are many variations of bracelets for brides available in the market today. From the variation in metals, stones, shapes and cuts, and designs, these bracelets are created to cater to a larger demographic of customers.

The bride’s dress can come in different shades of white. Some are clean white, whereas the others are slightly off-white or more cream-based. Each dress has its unique nature, and to complement that, a bracelet is a perfect accessory. The beautiful plethora of options made available for customers from well-known brands like Steven Khalil, for example, can put brides in a confusing situation. This article will state a few essential tips to keep in mind while hunting for the perfect, elegant bracelet. 

Essential buying tips for finding the perfect bracelet for the bride:

  • Set a budget: The beauty of bridal bracelets can entice anyone! Brides often go for bracelets without looking at the price tag and later regret not doing so. Hence, the first tip to keep in mind while going bracelet shopping is the budget. Do a quick expenditure check and set a budget aside for the bracelet as it makes the shopping process straightforward. Top-quality bracelets range from $300 to $1000, depending on the brand, quality and cut. 
  • Thickness and style: The next step is to decide what style and thickness of the bracelet will match the bride’s wedding dress. A simple two-row diamond bracelet will look stunning if the dress is elegant and sleek with detailing. If the dress is a simple, clean poofy gown, a chunky Jasmine bracelet or Rania bracelet will complement it well due to its details. Some bracelets are flowier, with a chain base, while others are made rigid like a bangle. The chain base bridal bracelets are delicately made to fall over the wrist like water. The chunky and rigid bracelets stay in place and are a statement piece themselves. 
  • Match the engagement and wedding band: The essential point to consider to make the entire bridal look seamless is to match the bracelet with the engagement ring. The ring will have a specific diamond characteristic, cut and clarity. The bride can choose a bracelet with a similar diamond cut and properties to match perfectly. The safest bet is to purchase the Amour tennis bracelet, Embrace bracelet or the Leora bracelet.
  • Pick the metal colour: The bracelet’s base can be composed of different metals like silver, gold or platinum. The choice to pick the metal is entirely up to the bride. If they like a nice silver finish to their bracelet, they can choose the platinum base. If they want something more traditional, they can opt for the gold base bracelet. Rose gold is also an attractive metal base option for bridal bracelets that will match any shade of white. If fun and quirky brides plan to wear a non-traditional wedding outfit, multi-coloured bracelets make the perfect companion for their look. The options are endless and exciting!

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